Series of Activities on National Farmers Day 2016 by KNPA

Tens of thousands farmers who join KNPA call for the President to execute the true Agrarian Reform (Photo: SPI)

JAKARTA, BINADESA.ORG—Every year on September 24th is celebrated as the National Farmers’ Day. On this day, through a Presidential Decree No. 169 on 1963, was appointed as the National Farmers’ Day (HTN) which was also the birth of the Basic Agriculture Law (UUPA) 1960. This year, the National Farmers’ Day is celebrated on September 27th with various activities and demonstrations all over the country. Around 40 farmers’ associations along with student organizations, civil service organizations, workers’ unions, and fisher folks’ associations incorporated in National Committee of Agrarian Reform (KNPA) conduct a series of activities and demonstrations in 16 provinces, including:

North Sumatera Province:

September 26th 2016, SPI North Sumatera, SPI Serdang Bedagai, demonstration along with 500 farmers

September 27th 2016, SPI Langkat, demonstration along with 1.000 farmers in front of the Regent’s Office of Langkat, North Sumatera


West Sumatera Province:

September 24th 2016, SPI Wet Sumatera, holds public discussion on the topic of agrarian reform

September 27th 2016, SPI West Sumatera along with students, NGOs, and around 200 mass hold demonstration in West Sumatera

September 27th 2016, SPI West Pasaman, West Sumatera, demonstration of 1.000 farmers from 22 villages


Jambi Province:

September 15th 2016, KPA Jambi, Walhi Jambi, Agra Jambi, and Agrarian Reform Task Force Jambi (SAROJA) hold a public discussion on agrarian reform at KPA Jambi office

September 22nd 2016, SPI Jambi, large meeting of 3.000 farmers in Tuo Village, Lembah Masurai, Merangin Regency

September 24th 2016, KPA Jambi, Walhi Jambi, Agra Jambi, and Agrarian Reform Task Force Jambi (SAROJA) hold a cultural performance presenting documentations of land confiscation, testimonies from the victims, and music festival as a protest in front of Jambi Governor’s Office

September 27th 2016, demonstration of National Farmers’ Day  in front of Jambi Governor’s office, National Land Agency (BPN) office, and Legislative office by KPA Jambi, SPI Jambi, Walhi Jambi, Agra Jambi, and Agrarian Reform Task Force Jambi (SAROJA), followed by 2.000 mass.

The great harvest in Piring Sewu, Lampung, on National Farmers’ Day 2016 (Photo: SPI Lampung)

Lampung Province:

September 25th 2016, SPI Lampung Harvest Celebration and folk festival by 1.000 farmers in Piring Sewu, Lampung.

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