Series of Activities on National Farmers Day 2016 by KNPA (3)

Farmers and farm workers call for agrarian reform to be done in Karawang right now to tackle severe inequality. (Photo: Sepetak)

JAKARTA, BINADESA.ORG—Every year on September 24th is celebrated as the National Farmers’ Day. On this day, through a Presidential Decree No. 169 on 1963, was appointed as the National Farmers’ Day (HTN) which was also the birth of the Basic Agriculture Law (UUPA) 1960. This year, the National Farmers’ Day is celebrated on September 27th with various activities and demonstrations all over the country. Around 40 farmers’ associations along with student organizations, civil service organizations, workers’ unions, and fisher folks’ associations incorporated in National Committee of Agrarian Reform (KNPA) conduct a series of activities and demonstrations in 16 provinces, including:

East Kalimantan Province:

September 26th 2016, demonstration by SPI East Kalimantan and GMNI in Balikpapan, calling for President, Governor, and Regent to implement Agrarian Reform and bring farmers into prosperity

Farmers and students of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan ask for President Joko Widodo to implement Agrarian Reform, help with funding and market security, lend idle land for agriculture, and actualize local policies that will prosper farmers (Photo: GMNI)

West Nusa Tenggara Province:

September 22nd 2016, SPI West Nusa Tenggara hold a hearing with National Land Agency West Nusa Tenggara regional office, regarding agrarian conflict in West Nusa Tenggara

September 26th 2016, SPI West Nusa Tenggara hold a Agrarian Reform public discussion in Mataram

September 27th 2016, 400 people consist of members of SPI West Nusa Tenggara, students, and several other civil service organizations hold demonstration in front of West Nusa Tenggara Governor and Legislative Office in Mataram

East Nusa Tenggara Province:

September 27th 2016, demonstration by SPI Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara along with 600 farmers in front of the Manggarai Legislative Office

South Sulawesi Province:

September 24th 2016, KPA South Sulawesi with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Hasanuddin hold a public discussion “Agreements on Agriculture and Food Sovereignity”

Central Sulawesi Province:

September 27th 2016, National Farmers’ Day commemoration by KPA Central Sulawesi with Central Sulawesi Agrarian Reform Working Group in front of the Governor’s Office

North Sulawesi Province:

September 27th 2016, demonstration by SPI, KPA, Walhi, and 200 farmers in front of the Governor’s Office in Manado.

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