Discussion on the Trial of Education Module for Equality, Gender Justice and Social Inclusion.

A pandemic should not be an obstacle to learning, so this is the basis for the Yayasan Bina Desa to continue the learning that has been planned since 2020. The trial of the Gender Equality Education Module was carried out in order to follow up on the results of a limited discussion (FGD) on the “Draft Module for Gender Equality and Education and Social Inclusion” which was held on August 18, 2020.

Participants in the discussion were Gender Justice Education Facilitators who have implemented a gender-just life. The facilitators have also been participants in gender justice education which is carried out by Bina Desa in collaboration with the Rural Self-Cultivated Community Network (KSP) and or the Self-Cultivated Rural Community directly. It was agreed that before the Education module was applied to the cadres of the rural self-help community, it was important for the facilitator to internalize each material and for that there was a need to conduct a try out module to facilitators who would transfer knowledge, skills and gender equitable attitudes to village self-cultivated community cadres.

There are 8 – 10 facilitators who take part in the trial of this module who come from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara and (committed) will follow this series of activities up to the Advanced Education stage (according to the participant requirements set out in the module). However, before arriving at the advanced education stage, the facilitators will test the transfer of this module to cadres at the regional level.

Even though they are separated from the distance and can only do it through the Zoom channel for 2 (two) days with the materials / study sessions that are simplified in terms of method and time. The participants participated in the trial with great enthusiasm and the discussion session was also very interesting. Meanwhile, in a normal situation, if you follow the flow of education in the module, it will take 4 (four) days with 6 hours of study time / day.

The Yayasan Bina Desa through the PP division presented 6 materials which were divided over 2 days. From identifying roles, accessing, analyzing the history of rural women and inspiring the movement to writing hopes and identifying steps to achieve the expected goals.

The aims and objectives of the trial of this module are in addition to increasing understanding and strengthening the perspective of gender justice and social inclusion as well as the importance of increasing the ability to facilitate and assist cadres in promoting and implementing a gender-just and inclusive life.



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